"Since I started receiving chiropractic care at Homza Chiropractic Wellness & Rehab, I have experienced a significant amount of changes. Before these changes, I felt lackadaisical, moody, short tempered, and just down. Since then, I have felt more rejuvenated and awake. I am more upbeat and hardly moody. Receiving their care is a life altering experience and I highly recommend their skills and expertise. Thank you Homza Chiropractic for your amazing efforts in turning my life around for the better. I feel like a "new me." If you have never believed in or experienced chiropractic care, get your first appointment with Homza. They will open your mind and change your point of view on chiropractic care. They really take the time to make sure you're taken care of."
-Dan M.

"I came here because of low back pain. I had gone to physical therapy and had taken pain relievers and heat. My symptoms had started to return. I was going to go back to physical therapy and kept putting it off. Then Dr. John stopped in where I worked to make a purchase. We started to talk and well here I am. I am very pleased with all the staff. They are very through in explaining the findings, the treatment, the exercises. I am happy that someone has explained my problems, not just treated me. Many of my siblings are already in chiropractic care with other doctors I had been in the past...but this has truly been my best experience. I thank you all again for your concern and care in regards to my health."
-Jeanne A.

"I've had Lupus for 13 years and I have never felt so comfortable walking. My hips and back feel so much more connected and the pain has seriously subsided. I wish that I had come here years ago."
-Janell L.

"I began coming after being rear-ended in a car accident but my intention was for overall health. I have noticed a lot more clarity with my work. I can focus better and am being more productive with my time. I have had problems with my shoulder for years and my range of motion without pain has improved. The entire staff really listen and want to do all they can to give their patients the best quality of life that they can. They are kind and welcoming whenever I come into the office. I would recommend chiropractic and specifically Homza Chiropractic to anyone.
I have had a more positive attitude and feel more confident, too."
-Cheryl M.

"Because of having vertigo for the past 4-5 years, I was unable to lie flat on my back to exercise, while sleeping, and even turning to my right side while sleeping caused by dizziness. I was told to try chiropractic and after the first session I saw about 80% improvement in my symptoms. I am extremely pleased with the benefits of chiropractic treatment for my vertigo."
-Arlene G.